Friday, March 11, 2022

Rebuilding Tourism for the Future | Content Creation for Tourism Australia

Chirping birds. Stunning Esperance coastal views. FPV freestyle drones at Stonehenge. Roleplaying Titanic. Yarns with passionate people. 

If you were to absorb that mental imagery and interlace it with one of the biggest Tourism marketing blitz’ in Australia right now, you’d have yourself a nugget of insight into our past month!

With the world slowly opening to international travel, it presents a great challenge: how do we compete in the international Tourism arena and attract people to Australia?

content creation at woody island

In an effort to drive visitation to Tourism businesses across Australia, Tourism Australia is injecting $12 million into a content creation initiative to help them better market their experiences and attractions.

By demonstrating high levels of creativity, professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and depth of experience, Tourism Australia has appointed Osprey Creative as one of the preferred Content Marketing Agencies.

We’re incredibly proud to be entrusted to showcase the beauty of our Western Australian home and support this milestone initiative.

The appointed panel consists of a high calibre team of Australian-wide peers and companies that will collaboratively bring this Project to life.

woody island content creation

Talk about a road trip, we’ll be travelling to the opposite ends (and the middle) of Western Australia visiting some of the most pristine and unique gems it has to offer.

Through stylised in-depth interviews, we’ll be capturing inspiring stories from passionate people, hearing first hand what makes them special and connecting with the local community that surrounds them.

We’re providing end-to-end film and photography coverage in the air, on the land and under the sea. By the time we wrap the Project at the end of June 2022, we would have travelled over 5,500kms, gnawed on 3,852 servo wing dings and consumed at least 3,558 coffees.

To kick it off, we visited the beautiful southern coastal town of Esperance. We captured everything from planes, helicopters, boats, bikes, kayaks, pink lakes, delicious craft beers and even experienced sound healing at Stonehenge.

In order to get the best light, you need to be up early and in bed late. We battled unpredictable conditions: bracing heavy equipment in howling winds, rocking boats in the ocean and swatting those bloomin’ March flies.

We’re beyond proud that we’ve been given the opportunity to showcase our home of Western Australia to not only the domestic market, but across interstate and to the broader international markets.

It takes a well-oiled team to execute a project scope of this scale creatively and professionally – thankfully, we have the experience, equipment and most importantly the team to exceed expectations.

Keeping Western Australia Safe | COVID-19

We take the health and safety of our team and the wider community very seriously. Before we set off on our trip to Esperance, we conducted RAT tests for the entire team and received negative results (hooray!).

Throughout our trip, we took precautions, such as mask wearing and keeping safe distances, to ensure a safe workplace and protect against the spread of COVID-19.

We’re committed to strict precautions to protect our home state and country and will continue to do so.