Friday, January 28, 2022

Film Production for Shipwreck Hunters Australia | Disney+

Traversing the most remote locations in Western Australia means encountering extreme weather conditions.

We battled rough seas, blustering winds, perpetual schedule changes, makeshift bucket showers (if you know, you know), and the ole’ Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. You’re back on land but all you feel is the ground moving, undulating with the gentle rhythm of waves? Classic. Mother Nature sure throws you curveballs.

Challenges aside, it was an incredible journey to be diving and soaring along the Western Australian Coastline, filming the first Australian-made documentary series for Disney+ Australia: Shipwreck Hunters Australia. The six-part film production will take a deep dive into one of the planet’s most spectacular ocean environments, showcasing thrilling discoveries and looking to solve some iconic shipwreck mysteries. Combining new evidence, the latest technologies and research, Shipwreck Hunters Australia is a journey into the mysterious past led by modern-day ocean adventurers.

film production of an anchor
film production of diving crew

We’re beyond grateful to be a part of the film production team, alongside VAM Media and Terra Australis Productions, in shooting this ground-breaking documentary. Our directors, Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto and Ryan Chatfield, will take on key roles: Ryan as one of the main characters exploring with ocean in search of shipwrecks and Rod will be working behind the scenes capturing incredible aerial imagery.

“(The series) brings to life epic shipwreck discoveries from an intrepid ocean adventure team. We know our Disney Plus audience will be
wowed by some of the most fearless shipwreck hunters in the world, all filmed on our stunning Australian doorstep”

Kylie Watson-Wheeler, senior VP and MD of The Walt Disney Company in Australia and New Zealand.

We had a hull of a time discovering some of the most incredible stories of survival in Australian Maritime History and we can’t wait to take you on the journey.

Coming to you in 2022, watch this space!

Produced by Vam Media and Terra Australis with Barking Mad Productions TV supported by Film in Western Australia, Screen Australia and WA Museum.

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