Project Description

Australia’s Golden Outback | Esperance

Esperance is home to one of the most diverse and breathtaking stretches of coastline in the world, and the Australia’s Golden Outback wanted to attract more young holidaymakers to the area.

As part of this aim, they launched the “Road Trip to Esperance” tour- ism campaign and needed a wide array of visual content to be featured on multiple social and digital channels.

To appeal to this younger demographic, we wanted to display the many exciting things to see, do, and enjoy in Esperance amidst its beautiful, one-of-a-kind natural scenery.

This led us to develop a mini visual itinerary showing young people snorkelling, enjoying the wildlife, and soaking in the beach sights.

To capture the breathtaking beauty of Esperance, we used a mix of aerials, cinematic ground-based video, and under- water footage.

Our short-form promotional video was created on different sizes and used across all social media plat- forms in a multi-targeted marketing campaign that received great engagement and reception from audiences. High-quality images were also largely accepted and shared thousands of times, including twice by one of the most well-known Instagram accounts in Australia.

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