Project Description

Visit Mandurah | Summer in Mandurah

It’s the fresh and fun new slogan the city will be marketing to potential visitors this summer.

We were engaged by Wanderlust Communications to deliver Visit Mandurah‘s recent campaign to showcase Mandurah as a great place to visit, start and grow your business, and a place the local community is proud to call home.

Our creative strategy? Evoke inspiration and desire to visit Mandurah; to attract new visitors for a day out or overnight stay to enjoy the plethora of experiences it has to offer.

With the use of aerial and ground videography and photography, we created a vault of high-quality and impactful imagery to connect to their target market and supercharge their Marketing Strategy. Our imagery was used across a variety of digital and traditional mediums: social media, website, email marketing and billboards in predominant areas of the state.

Let’s get creative!

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